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Upcoming artists "heaven fell" and "kaedo" defy the laws of dubstep

Heaven Fell brings a full flavor track, mixing metal and various electronic genres into a single song that features incredible power-hitting metal vocals from the rising star KAEDO, completely defying the laws of dubstep with more than one bpm change.

After listening to this song there is no doubt you will be speechless trying to understand the diverse chaotic symphony you have just been blessed with. You will definitely want to do yourself a favor and rinse this track a few times.

The storyline comes from a character that Heaven Fell refers to as chaos. He doesn't have a mortal body but being a soul blessed by the Eye of Disorder he has the ability to reattach his soul to a mortal body.

This track is about the fight within and the conflicting nature that chaos causes us and how at times it seems chaos has "Taken Over" our lives.

"Taken Over" is out now on all platforms via Reinelex Music and is one of four tracks on Heaven Fells EP "OPHANIM".

Don't forget to give Heaven Fell & KAEDOs socials a follow below.

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